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3G Graphic Solutions is a WBENC Certified woman owned business located in Springfield, Ohio which specializes in printing, publishing and design.  Although the Corporation was formed in 1974 by Richard W. Heckler, 3G member companies are more familiar individually as Miller Printing, Armstrong Instant Print, Visual Education Association and Barrett Brothers Legal Publishers, having a total of over 350 years of experience in their respective fields. Today, each of the 3G companies serves its customer’s needs by supporting each other in the sharing of their special technical skills.

3G has companies in three locations in over 200,000 square feet of plant and office space in Springfield and employs 90 people.  Its management and personnel take pride in a community role and in serving customers in Central and Southern Ohio, the United States and abroad.

In 1989, Jeanne Heckler Lampe became Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of 3G, overseeing each of the six divisions and their operations.  With Mr. Heckler’s retirement in 1992 and his resignation as President and C.E.O. of 3G in 1995, Ms. Lampe succeeded him in that capacity to continue the family tradition.  With the early and continued support of local customers... read the history of 3G here.

Jeanne Heckler Lampe, President, C.E.O. and owner of 3G... read her professional profile here.

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